Meeting notes, March 3, 2016

David Goodison, City Planner


  • SAHA and the CDC have entered into a contractual relationship by signing an exclusive negotiating agreement 

  • A more complicated agreement is expected later, perhaps late summer, 2016

  • SAHA is self-funding the housing project

  • SAHA expects 50% from tax credit financing. This is a highly competitive state program

  • SAHA's project may not pan out in the end; no way to know 

  • SAHA locked into building low/extremely low housing

  • The lot is designated mixed-use, which allows for higher density

  • David would like to see key issues addressed early; these issues are traffic, parking, ingress

  • A traffic study will be conducted before things proceed

  • A traffic engineer will conduct this study 

  • Will ask for study at a City Council meeting, possibly March 21; David will let us know

  • The City Council voted to transfer the property at 20269 Broadway to the Sonoma County Housing Authority in 2012


Meeting notes, February 12, 2016

Eve Stewart, SAHA


  • Expects to "gear up" and start working on design and planning issues mid-April

  • Will work with community and a stakeholder group

  • Thinking of using a special Section 8 program known as VASH to support the veterans' units

  • People who are able to live independently and follow house rules can live there; people will not necessarily be from Sonoma

  • HUD occupancy limits prevail

  • Office and staff will be onsite, one resident staff person

  • Partnered with LaLuz and COTS

  • May request $100K from City

  • Community building is for residents only





Thursday, September 8, 2016

Sonoma City Planning Commission Meeting

SAHA submits its site plans and proposal


Monday, April 18, 2016

City Council Meeting


Discussion, consideration and possible action on the introduction of an ordinance amending the Development Code by implementing Housing Element measures and clarifying provisions related to the Mixed Use zone and Planned Development permits and the finding that the action is categorically exempt from environmental review. 

Staff Recommendation: Introduce ordinance amending the Development Code, including the finding that this action is categorically exempt from environmental review because as it can be determined with certainty that the amendments will not have any significant impact on the environment.


March 21, 2016

The City Council will take up Traffic Study

and be presented with the SAHA proposal. Meeting begins at 6PM. Agenda available Thursday or Friday before.


March 10, 2016

Planning Commission will take up affordable housing issues


Item 3 Public Hearing


Consideration of Development Code amendments updating provisions related to affordable housing and clarifying provisions related to the Mixed Use zone and Planned Developments.

Staff: David Goodison 


Item 5 Discussion


Discussion of Affordable Housing Overlay zone and related concepts.

Staff: David Goodison