Project - generated  Noise

The current site plan shows on-site parking and circulation abutting residential properties to the West. The noise of engines starting, doors closing, and vehicle circulation in the parking lot would be a new noise source at the rear of adjoining residential properties, i.e., in people's backyards, where they have created personal space to enjoy peace and privacy with their friends and family.


We presume tenants will require services, such as appliance repair and carpet cleaning, on-site mobile health care from Apria or St. Joseph's, delivery services such as UPS, the US Mail, Macy's, and perhaps even milk and food deliveries will be needed. All of these things arrive in trucks or vans. If the vehicles carry perishable goods, there will also be noisy refrigeration units to contend with. Taken all together, the noise, the pollution, and the disturbance will be overwhelming.


Other possible noise sources would include late-night trash disposal and recycling, and noise from mechanical equipment associated with laundry, heating, ventilating, and air conditioning. 


We want to see a site plan that moves the on-site parking, its attendant bright lights, and trash disposal sites away from residences to the West. The current plan is not sensitive to the problems it will create for the people who live there and will cause the disruption of peace of mind, the enjoyment of property, and the enjoyment of solitude.