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Over the years, former Planning Director David Goodison made good faith agreements with the Lodge, but general managers haven't kept many of those agreements. Their behavior shows it's not in the best interest of Citizens to rely on handshakes or written communications like emails and letters when the City wants a particular outcome. The City must use the heft of the law to enforce existing conditions and apply new conditions to the Lodge's use permit if it wants the hotel to conform to rules and standards. 

It would be beneficial when dealing with the characters at the Lodge to take a page out of the City's Noise Ordinance:


Any such permit shall be of such duration as approved by the city planner or his (sic) designee, up to a maximum period of three months, but shall be renewable upon a showing of good cause, and shall be conditioned by a schedule for compliance and details of methods thereof in appropriate cases. In the discretion of the city planner or his (sic) designee, an exception permit may be issued and reissued for successive short periods of time in order to allow monitoring of the adverse noise impacts of the excepted activity, and additional conditions may be imposed upon reissuance of the permit, if the city planner or his (sic) designee determines that such additional conditions are necessary to mitigate noise impacts from the excepted activity to a level he deems acceptable under all the circumstances.

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