Development  code Broadway  Corridor

Desired Future


Historic structures on Broadway will be preserved, restored and re-used, while new development will respect and contribute to the character of the area. Mixed use development will be directed so as to retain the predominantly residential character of First Street West while enlivening Broadway with small-scale retail, office, and residential uses.



The parcel at 20269 Broadway is designated Mixed Use but it will not be used in this manner--it will be 100% rental housing--but not small-scale residential called for in the Development Code. A forty-nine unit apartment complex on less than two acres of land is unprecedented.


Development Code

Current  Land  Use

Existing land uses include:


1. Retail, office and mixed use, often in adaptively reused historic buildings


2. Single-family residences


3. Duplexes, apartments, and small multifamily development


4. A hotel


5. The Sonoma Valley High School and the Adele Harrison Middle School


6. A nursing home


7. Scattered vacant parcels