South Sonoma Neighborhood Project




Thirty-two Conditions of Approval are tied to the Lodge at Sonoma. Most of them relate to hazardous materials, vegetation, construction practices, and standard improvements required by the Public Works Department, but several do not. 

We don’t know if the Lodge satisfied Condition #15, which addresses the preparation of a wetlands mitigation plan and #16, which discusses off-site mitigation for identified wetlands. 


We do know the following Conditions have not been met:


#12. The site plan shall show the location of required trash/recycling enclosures for the proposed commercial/office building.


#21. Design of the restaurant shall include a separate wash down area for kitchen floor mats and related items subject to the approval of the Building Official.


#22. At least 50% of the ground floor tenant spaces in the commercial building shall be occupied by uses intended to serve the local neighborhood. 


#26. Convenient, sheltered bicycle parking shall be provided at the commercial center, near the main entrance to the hotel, and at a convenient location for hotel employees. The number and location of bicycle parking areas shall be determined by ARC. Bicycle parking areas shall be integrated into the overall design of the buildings. [There are supposed to be three locations. There is one near the spa. There is one at the front door for the Lodge's bicycles.]


#28. The service area shall be screened by a masonry wall. 


#32. Employees of the hotel, restaurant or commercial center shall be prohibited from parking in any of the parking spaces on either side of the driveway on the west side of the hotel or on the south side of the hotel beyond the westerly boundary of the PG & E substation, or on Clay Street. 

This condition also applies to construction and landscaping workers.

Conditions of Use document 



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