Issues  you  should  be  concerned  about 


The proposed plan does not meet the stated housing needs of the City. There are no units set aside for Seniors, who have been identified as the highest priority and, because this housing is for people with extremely low incomes, many teachers and people who form Sonoma's workforce would not qualify for an apartment


# 2

People already living and/or working in Sonoma are not given preference for apartments. Future residents will come from cities and towns throughout the County and beyond

# 3

Through the use of the California Density Bonus Law the developer can override 

Sonoma's Development Standards 

California Density Bonus Law


# 4

The proposed site plan is a stark departure from existing land uses in the Broadway Corridor




# 5

The proposed site plan does not show an adequate noise buffer between the housing development and the residential neighborhood to the West




# 6

There appears to be a reluctance to order an

Environmental Impact Report


Density Bonus

When developers build affordable housing, they can take advantage of the Density Bonus Law. This is a zoning tool allowing them to bypass local zoning ordinances. Density bonuses make it possible to override Sonoma's Development Codes as they relate to density, setbacks, parking, height, quality of building materials, and more.


The Density Bonus Law has been described as profoundly anti-planning because using it can alter important aspects of a town. Sonoma City Codes strive to control sprawl, influence architectural design, and retain this area’s residential character, all the while ensuring the continuation of Sonoma’s historic significance. The developer does not to have to work within standards laid out in our City's Development Codes. Express your concern by contacting any or all of the following:


David Goodison, Planning Director

Phone 707- 938-3681



Contact Planning Commission Members


Contact City Council Members




Sonoma Index Tribune


Sonoma Sun


Press Democrat